Kingdom Mandar Region Overview


Ruler: King Duncan II
Government: Monarchy

Population: 967, 000
Races: Human (70%), Krondurhûl (15%), Halfling (9%), 1/2 Nimedhel (3%), All others (3%)

Climate: Temperate
Major Cities:
Comman City (75,000), Freehelm (55,000), Navig (40,000), Sumberton (20,000)
Religions Tolerated:
The Church of Araos is the national religion and permeates all levels of society.
All other good faiths along with those of The Morrigan, Eruigûl Vairë, Durhûl, Allish & Ceana and Morannon are accepted and have major Temples. Other faiths of Neutrality do not have major Temples or followings though some local areas do have followers. Evil faiths have hidden followers and shrines, if any are found the Church sends Church Knights or adventurers to eradicate them.

Very similar to Feudal France. The Aristocracy and Church Knights adhere to the Code of Chivalry, Teachings of Araos and Nobliese oblige. The aristocracy and knights tend to be courteous with all. Frankmen are friendly though reserved towards strangers. Those in the remote areas look out for one another and new-comers are held at arm’s length until they prove trustworthy.
All weapons are to be peace knotted or concealed, with only the Knightly Orders; Members of The Royal Army and the Nobility and their personal arms men being exempt (to some degree).
All mages and practitioners of the arcane arts must be registered with the Arcane Guildhall if they wish to practice their arts. For the most part arcane practitioners are viewed with both awe and fear.
Knights and the Gentry who break the Code and fail in their duties are publicly ostracised and barred from society until they atone for their actions. If they fail in this duty they face disbarment from society all together and possible exile and confiscation of land and titles by the Realm.
Laws & Punishment:
Death By Beheading:
Arson, Murder, Treason, Rebellion, Espionage, Conspiracy against the Crown, Desecration of Church Property. It does depend on who these were committed against, if any are against the Crown or the Church then the maximum penalty is usually applied.
Imprisonment / Disfigurement:
Theft/Burglary (1st Imprisonment, 2nd Flogging, 3rd Loss of the right hand, 4th Death by Hanging). Dependent on the nature of the theft, many have been flogged or imprisoned on a number of occasions. Poaching, Blasphemy (Prison or Flogging; depending on seriousness of the action), Minor Assault (Flogging or Prison).
Imprisonment / Fine:
Excessive debt (Prison), Fraud (Prison & Fine), Forgery (Prison & Fine), Tax Evasion (1st Fine, 2nd Prison, 3rd Property confiscated). Non-sanctioned non-personal use of magic involving mundane professions or crafts

All weapons, except gunpowder, bolas, blowgun, oriental/middle eastern style (Treated as Exotic Weapons)
Broadswords and longswords are the most common types with the dagger/dirk generally being carried as a second weapon. Longbows & shortbows are only used by the Nimedhel and their kin.
All armour types can be found with Chain Shirt, Breastplate and Studded style armours being favoured by the Frankmen. Plate armours are favoured by the more affluent members of society, no knight or Lord would be seen dead in anything else. Banded & Splint mails are not worn by Mandarains. Leather is for the low born and hide and it’s like are for barbarians.
Trade: Imports: Cotton, Silk, Spices, Grain
Exports: Iron, Silver, Gems, Preserved Fruits, Wine, Wool, Lumber
Dress: Lower classes generally wear breeches, tunic and low boots (male), homespun dresses and shoes (female) many go bare foot especially during the late spring and summer months.
The upper & merchant classes wear trousers, doublet, hose, cote, tunic (cotton/silk), dress (silk) boots or shoes.

Kingdom Mandar Region Overview

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