Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Restart of the Investigation

After a hiatus from this campaign we restarted last session and the adventurers continued on their merry way to investigate the monastery on Droskar Peak. On their way up the mountain track a pack of wolves and then a pack of hell hounds decided that party were worth looking at. The intrepid ranger came into his own with the wolves and managed to hurry them on their way. The hell hounds however were an entirely different matter and a pack of nearly a dozen proved a handful. With the frontline fighters wading in and trying to power their way past the hell hounds. The problem was that hounds provided quite resourceful and the narrow confines of the trail helped them. After 9 rounds of combat the party were victorious and after a large amount of healing and checking equipment they resumed their trek up the mountain.
The next session will prove interesting as they know the unknown tracks found around the orphanage belonged to Drakkonians of unknown type. What they are doing this far in the Valley is anyone’s guess ….



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