Welcome to our little nook, it is the home of our DnD campaigns in their various forms :)

We are a group of ‘old school’ role players who have been playing DnD in its many guises since 1979 (well 2 of us have). We have 2 game worlds that we set all our adventures and campaigns, these are Cuivië Dör and Hinniadör, both have long and detailed histories and are both linked.
Cuivië Dör was created by myself back in the late 1980’s and has continued to grow from a series of hand-drawn maps and scribbled notes to slightly better drawn maps and typed notes.
Hinniadör on the other hand was created by my best friend and its origins are pretty much the same, though with a number of differences.
Over the years both have had extensive play time and a large number of house rules included to suit our playing style.
Currently we have 3 campaigns running with 2 being in a state of hiatus as the GM’s plot the next moves, the current campaign is set in the Kingdom of Mandar’s Valley of Obelisks.
Of the other 2, one is set in Hinniadör and the other is set in the Confederation on Cuivië Dör.
Onwards to adventure my friends and lets see what is over the next hill, knowing our luck a trickle of a stream with a ford being guarded by a kobold armed with a blunt butter knife…

Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

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