Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Restart of the Investigation

After a hiatus from this campaign we restarted last session and the adventurers continued on their merry way to investigate the monastery on Droskar Peak. On their way up the mountain track a pack of wolves and then a pack of hell hounds decided that party were worth looking at. The intrepid ranger came into his own with the wolves and managed to hurry them on their way. The hell hounds however were an entirely different matter and a pack of nearly a dozen proved a handful. With the frontline fighters wading in and trying to power their way past the hell hounds. The problem was that hounds provided quite resourceful and the narrow confines of the trail helped them. After 9 rounds of combat the party were victorious and after a large amount of healing and checking equipment they resumed their trek up the mountain.
The next session will prove interesting as they know the unknown tracks found around the orphanage belonged to Drakkonians of unknown type. What they are doing this far in the Valley is anyone’s guess ….

A subdued Party

With number light on the ground the intrepid adventurers pushed on. Through some excellent tracking by Thyzum the party managed to find the werewolf and bring it to battle. The initial blows failed to cause it harm; however a well placed spell from Grimm followed by 3 ‘silver’ dagger blows from Farbash and Thyzum along with a telling shot by Micul saw the dread creature turn tail and run. The group immediately set off in pursuit but after 2 hours of the chase lost the trail. Deciding to go back to the burnt out orphanage they pick up the ‘clawed’ and ‘booted’ tracks and found the scene of small human tracks intermingled with the trail they were following.
After further trekking the party came across a pair of Owlbears trying to knock out of a tree a demi-human figure. Rornik and Drak along with Farbash charged into battle, closely followed by Thyzum. The 2 Owlbears turned to meet the new threat and laid into the charging fighters. Grimm and Micul held back and peppered the foes with spell and missile fire while Brother-Monk Lou circled round to the being up the tree. The battle raged with telling blows falling on all protagonists, meanwhile the being up the tree found a quick way down – and landed at Brother-Monk Lou’s feet. Back at the battle Grimm hit one Owlbear with a ray of fire and turned the creature into ash while Rornik and Drak landed minor blows on their opponent. Grimm now focussed her attention on the remaining Owlbear and hit it squarely with another ray of fire and it too perished in a pillar of flame.
The group then moved up to the being who dropped out of the tree – though both Krondurhul along Grimm kept going on the path following the trail of tracks, only to stop 100 yards on when they realised no-one else (especially the tracker) weren’t with them.
Back with the rest they were talking to the half-Sendi Coire who decided to tag along with her rescuers. The party was back up to eight, they are now hot on the trail of the missing children making their way towards Droskar Crag – again!

Investigation of the Orphanage

What a tasty snack Superhands made, the ogre then hit Drak with the soggy end and flung the remaining bits towards the rest of the party. This prompted Grimm to set him on fire and teach him some table manners. Meanwhile Drak found out the hard way why ogres are nasty opponents but in the end prevailed. Brother-Monk-Lou stepped up and found out how hard ogres do hit and promptly lapsed into unconsciousness after receiving a mighty blow. Thysum was next and he joined his companion in the land of unconsciousness – the ogre was then promptly hit with a jet of flame and a sword blow from Farbash, with more flames from the wizard who was starting to get worried that her shields were dropping; the ogre eventually dropped with flames licking around his body. Meanwhile the third ogre was desperately trying to nail both Micul and Rornik with very little luck, except one glancing blow on Rornik. He too fell to crossbow bolt and axe. Deciding that they were a tad exhausted from their midnight frolic with their oversized playmates the party camped.
Next morning they journey to the burnt out orphanage to find themselves being watched by a doll. After much discussion and Drak believing the doll was out to get him, they founded and opened the old cellar under the destroyed building. Inside they found a horror beyond their wildest dreams and investigated what had happened. Rornik, Drak and Farbash buried the corpses of Elara and an unknown child while the rest continued to search the ‘torture chamber’ for clues. They did receive an answer from the corpse of Elara; “Beware the wolf in girls clothing” as well as piecing together that Elara had tried to excise evil from some being (2 masterworked silver daggers and a broken piece of silver chain, plus some wolfsbane).
Thyzum found 2 sets of tracks outside and the party set off. That night Drak was paid a visit by a little girl and another doll – he, Farbash and Micul all believed the little girl while the rest saw them guarding a doll. After much too and froing the party managed to calm Drak and get him to bed … though the twig had to be disposed of. Next morning the group woke ready to tackle the next leg of their investigation into the missing children of Falcon’s Hollow..

Setting Out Again

Training and gathering intel was the order of the day. Thyzum finally obtained his animal companion though as far as the Darkmoon Vale Hawk is concerned Thyzum is his companion. What is even scarier is that Thyzum also completed his initial training in casting spells, Grimm comment went along the lines of “Oh great another pretender”. Farbash meanwhile was determined to eat his way through the week (Mechanics note Carl add 5 lbs to Farbash’s weight). Both Rornick and Drak learnt another battle hymn which entailed a large amount of post celebratory drinking with both believing their singing improved as the night wore on.
Grimm also completed her training and learnt some new spells and gained some intel during her down time. Brother-Monk-Lou (Farbash’s new title for his priestly friend) was extremely diplomatic in his dealings with Gavel Kreed and threatened the Gavel that the situation facing Falcon’s Hollow is most dire. Brother-Monk-Lou had quickly run out of patience with the Gavel and want to do all sorts of bodily harm to him but knows he needs more evidence before he is going to now act.
After some confusing negotiations the Gavel has agreed for the party to rescue the children and if they are returned completely unharmed (especially his son) then he will talk with the other Lumber Consortium members about their logging.
Upon returning to the Jak-a-Napes tavern Farbash spied a lone warrior with a large pole-arm and in true Farbash fashion walked over to him and said hi. After 5 minutes of talking he asked Brother-Monk-Lou could his new friend come with them – enter Tar – Maite (Superhan(d)s), now the party was back to 8, which according to Grimm and Micul is a good thing as that puts a further 6 bodies between them.
Once it was agreed upon to set out for the last known location of the children they set out at 7pm and an hour later ran into a band of ogres who demanded a horse. The battle is now started and with Tar just hanging around in mid-air and Thyzum’s faithful horse now headless and on-top of him the next session will prove interesting ….

Monastery Exploration

After a quick prayer and snack the exploration of the monastery continued. The 2 intrepid dwarves looked into the old library while the rest back-tracked to some of the other rooms. There was great excitement from the 2 dwarves when they found an old tome devoted to the battle hymns of Durhul, Drak recovered it after the old bookcase and part of the wall fell on him, knocking him out cold. Healing Drak, both dwarves then tried to learn a couple Farbash, Micul and Thyzum decided to look into a couple more rooms, while Grim and Lou stayed as rear guards. Upon opening a door and getting brained by a shower of rocks, timber and other debris Micul retreated back to receive some medical attention. Farbash decided not to eat the half-eaten crow on the table but to call Micul back to look at another door. Again opening the door proved entertaining as Micul was promptly shot and lost part of his ear and then lapsed into a deep sleep. Meanwhile Farbash was shot at and decided to remove Micul out of danger and back to the others. This prompted the 2 dwarves to come into the rooming looking for anything – they spied nothing (including the rope hanging down in the corner from the hole in the ceiling…) Farbash re-entered, saw the rope and said it hadn’t been there before, Rornick reply “Rope what rope – where did that come from?” Not wanting to see any more harm or sniping Rornick went up the rope and was promptly shot in the head (no damage done … he has a hard head). Drak then piled the beds into the corner and set fire to it to smoke the critter out – 5 minutes later the party were running out of the area as the fire quickly spread through the old timbers and next minute there was a large explosion as the enter southern section disappeared in a ball of fire.
Only comment was made by Farbash – well that was a little bang wasn’t it…

Re-entering and going to the north (to see what else they could blow up) they opened a door only to be confronted by a mysterious hell hound that set about trying to cook them, along with it’s 2 worg minions. After a mammoth battle (15 combat rounds) all 3 enemies lay dead. the party continued with a little more exploration and dispatched a possie of skeletons and found a passage closed by an intact portcullis and a large set of tracks of small booted feet going into and out of the passage.

The decision was made to go back to Falcon’s Hollow and hand over the ingredients for the plague cure. It was also decided to re-group and train and come back to find out more about the closed passage.

On the journey back, ‘Fry’ made an appearance and disappeared again, leaving Rornick wandering about his sanity.

Droskar Crag

From the Darkmoon Vale the intrepid adventurers set out for the Crag and the Monastery of Droskar. However, as they trekked along the path under the dark-wood trees they felt like they were being watched. Both Drak & Rornik were to busy chatting about goblin and orc thumping to notice anything however, the others spied the crows in the trees. Grimm then experienced a panic attack as she considers birds icky and was all for finding the dragon from the previous night. Farbash became hungry and started eating, Micul thought shooting at the crows was a good idea and missed, but in fairness to him he had spied Farbash eating and this distracted him. Micul then set to about making 2nd lunch. As he was preparing his saucepans and frying-pan he got the shock of his life when the frying-pan said hello. At this point Rornick now flipped about a talking fry-pan that was not a saucepan and did they want mushrooms with their bacon and eggs. The next hour of game play was hilarious as the party came to terms with a frying pan name ‘Fry" who was not a saucepan but admitted the cauldron was alright, but the jars were funny.
After much debate Micul invoked Ulizmila’s name and the crows came down and there stood the “Hag of Darkmoon Vale”. Recovering her pan and with some parting advice / warning she vanished.
The next day saw them leave the forest and start up the old trail to the Monastery. About an hour up the trail 3 bugbear bravados demanded 2 or 3 and promptly found the pointed end of the party’s swords and axes.
By late-morning the Monastery of Droskar hove into view and the party began their investigation. After 30 minutes they encountered the guardian wraiths of Durhul in the desecrated chapel and Rornick spoke with them at some length and due to their non-hostile actions and quick thinking show by Llwridllo of his holy symbol secured the ironbloom mushrooms required.
They still do not know who or what has caused the plague or where the Crucible is located but they do have a cure for the plague sweeping through Falcon’s Hollow. Maybe a little bit of research and covert questioning in Falcon’s Hollow might turn up more clues ….

Story so Far

A party of wannabe adventurers gathered at the Crossed Swords Adventurer’s Guild 2 moonths ago and were thrown together by Mr Krader (guild contractor) to perform the simple task of escorting one Jacob Goodseller to Stump Flats. They accepted as individuals and were now part of an as yet un-named adventuring band.

After accepting further contracts and job offers from the Goodseller Mercantile Family the party are now in the local area of Falcon’s Hollow trying to find a cure for the town and determine what is causing the unrest in the area.

So far they have determined the malady is not wholly natural. Currently traipsing towards the long abandoned Krondurhul holdings to find the final ingredient the characters also hope to find what is behind the disease.

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