Sten Goodseller

One of the Principals of the Goodseller Merchant Guild


Female Perian (Hobbit / Halfling) Age: 75
Height: 2’ 9" Weight: 68 lbs.
Long brown hair with slight touches of grey, Sten has green eyes and well-developed crows feet at the corners.
She carries about her a quiet determination.


Sten (pronounced ‘Shen’) is one of the Principals of the Goodseller merchants and she is responsible for all operations within the northern parts of the Valley and for ensuring all Goodseller trading posts are kept stocked.
Age is starting to slow he down to some degree but she is more often than not willing to drive the wagons herself to ensure clients receive their orders/goods on time.
She is a pragmatic individual who is fiercely loyal to her family and long-term clients, she will heaven and hell for anyone who falls into either of these categories.

Sten Goodseller

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