Knight - Captain Morris Donellgan

Knight Captain of the Kings army in the Valley, he is the senior ranking officer.


Human male Age: 42
Knight-Captain, Commanding officer of the Royal Army stationed in the Valley and is often out on patrols with his headquarters company.
Wears Full – Plate armour, Broadsword, Heavy Shield (when on horse or on official business), Mace.
Shield heraldry: Upper right Mandar Royal Crest; Upper Left Symbol of Araos with a white halo; Lower Family crest Knight helm with griffon tail; background colour is a pale blue
He wears a pale blue tabard with silver trim and his heraldry device is worn on the left side of his chest.


Morris belongs to the Knights of the Holy Shielding an order of knights belonging to the Church of Araos with their motherhouse located in Manda city.
As a Knight-Captain he speaks with the Kings authority and he is charged with seeing to the safety of the Valley and ensuring no hostile forces try to come through the mountains. He tries hard to stay out of the Valley politics and takes particular pains to ensure he does not ruffle the Lord Carstellan’s feathers too much. This does not mean he kotows to the Carstellan instead he works with him to ensure the Valley is safe and prosperous.

Knight - Captain Morris Donellgan

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