Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Setting Out Again

Training and gathering intel was the order of the day. Thyzum finally obtained his animal companion though as far as the Darkmoon Vale Hawk is concerned Thyzum is his companion. What is even scarier is that Thyzum also completed his initial training in casting spells, Grimm comment went along the lines of “Oh great another pretender”. Farbash meanwhile was determined to eat his way through the week (Mechanics note Carl add 5 lbs to Farbash’s weight). Both Rornick and Drak learnt another battle hymn which entailed a large amount of post celebratory drinking with both believing their singing improved as the night wore on.
Grimm also completed her training and learnt some new spells and gained some intel during her down time. Brother-Monk-Lou (Farbash’s new title for his priestly friend) was extremely diplomatic in his dealings with Gavel Kreed and threatened the Gavel that the situation facing Falcon’s Hollow is most dire. Brother-Monk-Lou had quickly run out of patience with the Gavel and want to do all sorts of bodily harm to him but knows he needs more evidence before he is going to now act.
After some confusing negotiations the Gavel has agreed for the party to rescue the children and if they are returned completely unharmed (especially his son) then he will talk with the other Lumber Consortium members about their logging.
Upon returning to the Jak-a-Napes tavern Farbash spied a lone warrior with a large pole-arm and in true Farbash fashion walked over to him and said hi. After 5 minutes of talking he asked Brother-Monk-Lou could his new friend come with them – enter Tar – Maite (Superhan(d)s), now the party was back to 8, which according to Grimm and Micul is a good thing as that puts a further 6 bodies between them.
Once it was agreed upon to set out for the last known location of the children they set out at 7pm and an hour later ran into a band of ogres who demanded a horse. The battle is now started and with Tar just hanging around in mid-air and Thyzum’s faithful horse now headless and on-top of him the next session will prove interesting ….



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