Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Monastery Exploration

After a quick prayer and snack the exploration of the monastery continued. The 2 intrepid dwarves looked into the old library while the rest back-tracked to some of the other rooms. There was great excitement from the 2 dwarves when they found an old tome devoted to the battle hymns of Durhul, Drak recovered it after the old bookcase and part of the wall fell on him, knocking him out cold. Healing Drak, both dwarves then tried to learn a couple Farbash, Micul and Thyzum decided to look into a couple more rooms, while Grim and Lou stayed as rear guards. Upon opening a door and getting brained by a shower of rocks, timber and other debris Micul retreated back to receive some medical attention. Farbash decided not to eat the half-eaten crow on the table but to call Micul back to look at another door. Again opening the door proved entertaining as Micul was promptly shot and lost part of his ear and then lapsed into a deep sleep. Meanwhile Farbash was shot at and decided to remove Micul out of danger and back to the others. This prompted the 2 dwarves to come into the rooming looking for anything – they spied nothing (including the rope hanging down in the corner from the hole in the ceiling…) Farbash re-entered, saw the rope and said it hadn’t been there before, Rornick reply “Rope what rope – where did that come from?” Not wanting to see any more harm or sniping Rornick went up the rope and was promptly shot in the head (no damage done … he has a hard head). Drak then piled the beds into the corner and set fire to it to smoke the critter out – 5 minutes later the party were running out of the area as the fire quickly spread through the old timbers and next minute there was a large explosion as the enter southern section disappeared in a ball of fire.
Only comment was made by Farbash – well that was a little bang wasn’t it…

Re-entering and going to the north (to see what else they could blow up) they opened a door only to be confronted by a mysterious hell hound that set about trying to cook them, along with it’s 2 worg minions. After a mammoth battle (15 combat rounds) all 3 enemies lay dead. the party continued with a little more exploration and dispatched a possie of skeletons and found a passage closed by an intact portcullis and a large set of tracks of small booted feet going into and out of the passage.

The decision was made to go back to Falcon’s Hollow and hand over the ingredients for the plague cure. It was also decided to re-group and train and come back to find out more about the closed passage.

On the journey back, ‘Fry’ made an appearance and disappeared again, leaving Rornick wandering about his sanity.



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