Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Investigation of the Orphanage

What a tasty snack Superhands made, the ogre then hit Drak with the soggy end and flung the remaining bits towards the rest of the party. This prompted Grimm to set him on fire and teach him some table manners. Meanwhile Drak found out the hard way why ogres are nasty opponents but in the end prevailed. Brother-Monk-Lou stepped up and found out how hard ogres do hit and promptly lapsed into unconsciousness after receiving a mighty blow. Thysum was next and he joined his companion in the land of unconsciousness – the ogre was then promptly hit with a jet of flame and a sword blow from Farbash, with more flames from the wizard who was starting to get worried that her shields were dropping; the ogre eventually dropped with flames licking around his body. Meanwhile the third ogre was desperately trying to nail both Micul and Rornik with very little luck, except one glancing blow on Rornik. He too fell to crossbow bolt and axe. Deciding that they were a tad exhausted from their midnight frolic with their oversized playmates the party camped.
Next morning they journey to the burnt out orphanage to find themselves being watched by a doll. After much discussion and Drak believing the doll was out to get him, they founded and opened the old cellar under the destroyed building. Inside they found a horror beyond their wildest dreams and investigated what had happened. Rornik, Drak and Farbash buried the corpses of Elara and an unknown child while the rest continued to search the ‘torture chamber’ for clues. They did receive an answer from the corpse of Elara; “Beware the wolf in girls clothing” as well as piecing together that Elara had tried to excise evil from some being (2 masterworked silver daggers and a broken piece of silver chain, plus some wolfsbane).
Thyzum found 2 sets of tracks outside and the party set off. That night Drak was paid a visit by a little girl and another doll – he, Farbash and Micul all believed the little girl while the rest saw them guarding a doll. After much too and froing the party managed to calm Drak and get him to bed … though the twig had to be disposed of. Next morning the group woke ready to tackle the next leg of their investigation into the missing children of Falcon’s Hollow..


You forgot to mention brother-Monk Llw consecrating the chamber in the names of Aros and Durhul. Don’t make the gods angry now :-D

Investigation of the Orphanage

Yes the chamber was blessed through the power of Araos and Durhul

Investigation of the Orphanage

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