Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

Droskar Crag

From the Darkmoon Vale the intrepid adventurers set out for the Crag and the Monastery of Droskar. However, as they trekked along the path under the dark-wood trees they felt like they were being watched. Both Drak & Rornik were to busy chatting about goblin and orc thumping to notice anything however, the others spied the crows in the trees. Grimm then experienced a panic attack as she considers birds icky and was all for finding the dragon from the previous night. Farbash became hungry and started eating, Micul thought shooting at the crows was a good idea and missed, but in fairness to him he had spied Farbash eating and this distracted him. Micul then set to about making 2nd lunch. As he was preparing his saucepans and frying-pan he got the shock of his life when the frying-pan said hello. At this point Rornick now flipped about a talking fry-pan that was not a saucepan and did they want mushrooms with their bacon and eggs. The next hour of game play was hilarious as the party came to terms with a frying pan name ‘Fry" who was not a saucepan but admitted the cauldron was alright, but the jars were funny.
After much debate Micul invoked Ulizmila’s name and the crows came down and there stood the “Hag of Darkmoon Vale”. Recovering her pan and with some parting advice / warning she vanished.
The next day saw them leave the forest and start up the old trail to the Monastery. About an hour up the trail 3 bugbear bravados demanded 2 or 3 and promptly found the pointed end of the party’s swords and axes.
By late-morning the Monastery of Droskar hove into view and the party began their investigation. After 30 minutes they encountered the guardian wraiths of Durhul in the desecrated chapel and Rornick spoke with them at some length and due to their non-hostile actions and quick thinking show by Llwridllo of his holy symbol secured the ironbloom mushrooms required.
They still do not know who or what has caused the plague or where the Crucible is located but they do have a cure for the plague sweeping through Falcon’s Hollow. Maybe a little bit of research and covert questioning in Falcon’s Hollow might turn up more clues ….


So glad “Fry” the frying pan returned, I was getting so worried that Rournick had “disposed” of the lovable chap.

Droskar Crag

Oops, wrong adventure log, just realized.

Droskar Crag

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