Kingdom of Mandar - The Valley

A subdued Party

With number light on the ground the intrepid adventurers pushed on. Through some excellent tracking by Thyzum the party managed to find the werewolf and bring it to battle. The initial blows failed to cause it harm; however a well placed spell from Grimm followed by 3 ‘silver’ dagger blows from Farbash and Thyzum along with a telling shot by Micul saw the dread creature turn tail and run. The group immediately set off in pursuit but after 2 hours of the chase lost the trail. Deciding to go back to the burnt out orphanage they pick up the ‘clawed’ and ‘booted’ tracks and found the scene of small human tracks intermingled with the trail they were following.
After further trekking the party came across a pair of Owlbears trying to knock out of a tree a demi-human figure. Rornik and Drak along with Farbash charged into battle, closely followed by Thyzum. The 2 Owlbears turned to meet the new threat and laid into the charging fighters. Grimm and Micul held back and peppered the foes with spell and missile fire while Brother-Monk Lou circled round to the being up the tree. The battle raged with telling blows falling on all protagonists, meanwhile the being up the tree found a quick way down – and landed at Brother-Monk Lou’s feet. Back at the battle Grimm hit one Owlbear with a ray of fire and turned the creature into ash while Rornik and Drak landed minor blows on their opponent. Grimm now focussed her attention on the remaining Owlbear and hit it squarely with another ray of fire and it too perished in a pillar of flame.
The group then moved up to the being who dropped out of the tree – though both Krondurhul along Grimm kept going on the path following the trail of tracks, only to stop 100 yards on when they realised no-one else (especially the tracker) weren’t with them.
Back with the rest they were talking to the half-Sendi Coire who decided to tag along with her rescuers. The party was back up to eight, they are now hot on the trail of the missing children making their way towards Droskar Crag – again!


We got this, we’re professional…somethings! :)

A subdued Party

You got the something right :)

A subdued Party

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